Some of the children at Gibside are given the opportunity to experience working and socialising alongside peers at Kells Lane Primary School.


Our Satellite Provision is aimed to help children who benefit from accessing a mainstream setting alongside the skills of staff who are trained and experienced in working within a Special Needs environment. The children are supported through all of our inclusive Specialist practices which includes but is not limited to communication support, behaviour management strategies, our custom-built curriculum and multi-disciplinary input. Children are taught by our experienced staff but benefit from accessing social opportunities to engage with similar-aged peers in a mainstream setting. Some children are able to access sessions of Inclusion where they are supported by a familiar member of staff within the mainstream setting. All of this enables our learners to grow with trained members of staff who are experienced within Special Needs education and to develop their social skills within a mainstream setting. We offer consultancy for existing and new ARP units tailored to the needs of each school. Please contact [email protected] for enquiries.

Our trainer, Mark Turner, has teaching experience within mainstream primary and special needs education. Mark has been a teacher at Gibside for 5 years and set up our successful Satellite Provision at Kells Lane school, where 2 classes of children from Gibside access their learning within the mainstream setting throughout the entirety of the year.