Rebound Therapy is the therapeutic use of a trampoline to develop and promote motor skills, body awareness, balance, co-ordination and communication.


We work by accommodating pupils’ individual dis/abilities and needs, drawing upon previous experiences and dis/likes. It is imperative to provide a fun session with plenty of enjoyment and opportunities to succeed. Rebound Therapy uses vibration techniques to engage children and access their sensory needs.

Rebound Therapy is a very powerful therapeutic tool for working with individuals on the autistic spectrum. Rebound Therapy is fun. It can be an extremely effective motivator for individuals who seek movement, love energising their bodies and interacting with a surface that they are able to control and understand. Through Rebound Therapy we can continue to enhance strategies that have been proven successful in the management of autistic individuals including, ‘Intensive Interaction,’ ‘Total Communication Approaches,’ ‘PECS,’ ‘TEACCH,’ ‘Social Cause and Effect’ and ‘Reciprocity’ whilst on the trampoline.

Rebound+ Therapy is offered to some of our high achievers at Gibside School; trainers are able to challenge children who have progressed beyond Grade 3 up to Grade 8.  These sessions are physically demanding and require control, skill and understanding but are great fun, an excellent opportunity for physical exertion and a fantastic challenge for our cohort of gifted sports stars!