PMLD pupils work on the early stages of development and it is more appropriate for them to access a focused curriculum addressing the interplay between sensory impairment, motor disability and medical conditions. Emphasis is given to their individual needs creating a personalised path of development.


Our Pre-formal curriculum has been developed and adapted from Dr Penny Lacey’s work. This focuses on Communication, Cognition, Physical Development and Personal Care – with Independence skills running through all these areas.

The Pre-formal Curriculum is non-subject specific, work is broken down to individual and group activities within themes and topics. Lessons focus on repetition of particular skills to enable the child to generalise and retain their acquired skills. The work that the pupils do is recorded and annotated to reflect what happened and how the pupils’ skills and understanding developed this is recorded via the online evidencing tool Earwig. The achievements and progress of children are assessed via engagement steps, on an assessment tool provided by B Squared.