The majority of our pupils follow a more formal curriculum where we have utilised staff skills and expertise to restructure the National Curriculum for our learners.


We build upon the Early Years prime areas and the effective characteristics of learning, reflected in context statements in each unit of the Schemes of Work, to create appropriate progress-based learning objectives across all subjects.


We build on existing knowledge, delivered through motivating and challenging lessons. The Schemes of Work create smaller steps to learn skills and knowledge via theoretical and practical activities and are reviewed regularly to ensure embedded long-term learning through confident staff knowledge and sequential progress steps. There is a strong focus on providing opportunity to develop communication skills and encourage independence.


We promote and reinforce the British Values of democracy, individual liberty, mutual respect, tolerance and the rule of Law which have been outlined by the government and these values are an integral part of the curriculum. Our RE curriculum is adapted from Gateshead’s Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education 2018 and incorporated into our PSHRE Scheme of Work, combining Religion within their social education. The agreed syllabus reflects that the religious traditions in Great Britain are principally Christian. Parents have the right to withdraw their children from all or part of religious education.


New Curriculum Overview