Over the last 5 weeks 4 children from Gibside School have taken part in a Boccia club with 10 children from Front Street Primary and Clover Hill Primary schools. The children have made the club a thoroughly enjoyable one, which has now sadly come to an end. I think it is safe to say that staff, children, and families have all seen the huge benefits to all from working together.
Through the club we learnt the skills and rules involved in playing Boccia. We have also made some great new friends and had a LOT of fun!! Just take a look at the photos.
We finished our club by making a ‘Positivitree’ to collect all our thoughts on what we enjoyed about the club.
Thanks you to everyone who took part and support the club and a special thanks to Katy from Whickham school who has helped develop and lead aspects of the club.
 Don’t worry, this isn’t the end!! This was merely part 1, we are approaching more schools to repeat the same fun after Easter, and we will all meet again for an afternoon celebrating Paralympic sport during National School Sports Week.